Reading Material  
Homeopathy Books

There are very many books available about homeopathy and all of them can be useful in homeopathic education. These books are essential for this class.

"Lectures on Homeopathic Philosophy"  by James Tyler Kent
Essential reading for course-work

"Organon of Medicine"  by Samuel Hahnemann, 6th edition, Boericke Translation

"Homeopathic Medical Repertory"  by Robin Murphy
One of the most complete and least expensive Repertories available.

"Natures Materia Medica"  by Robin Murphy
One of the most complete and least expensive Materia Medicas available.

"Homeopathy and the Elements"  by Jan Scholten
A very good system of understanding the periodic table of the Elements and how they can be applied to our Homeopathic system

"Prisma Materia Medica"  by Frans Vermuellen
A very good Materia Medica for the more common remedies and a lot of the folklore, history, themes and physiology of the remedies.

"The Science of Homeopathyby George Vithoulkas 
Essential reading for course-work

"The Spirit of Homeopathy"  by Rajan Sankaran

"Kent's Lesser Writings - "New Remedies, Clinical Cases, Lesser Writings, Aphorisms and Precepts"  by James Tyler Kent

"Homeopathic Dictionary"  by Jay Yasgur 
The "go to" book for definitions and explanations

"Biogeneology - Decoding the Psychic Roots of Illness"  by Patrick Obissier
Essential reading for year two course-work.

"The Biogenealogy Sourcebook"  by Christian Fleche
This book about Biogenealogy is the latest and best resource for more detailed information about what our illness' mean.

"Legal Guidelines for Unlicensed Practitioners" by The Writers Group, Wilson Consultants  

A very useful book describing the legality of practice and information you need to know.


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Spritituality and Self Improvemnet Books
"Power vrs. Force" , "The Eye of the I" , and "I"  by David Hawkins available from
A series of books that explain consciousness and spirituality better than any others in a very easy to read and understandable format of questions and answers.

"The Holographic Universe"  by Michael Talbot
The latest in understanding the nature of this physical and spiritual existence from beyond quantum physics. It makes energetic medicine and Homeopathy easier to integrate into our understanding.

"Ask and it is Given"  by Ester and Jerry Hicks available from Hay House USA
"From the teachings of Abraham and the amazing power of deliberate intention. This is valuable information on Universal truth and tools useful in the process of becoming a homeopath."

"The Gabriel Method"  By Jon Gabriel
This book is about weight loss, but is not a diet book. It explains why we are the way we are and how we can change ourselves. Very instructive for weight loss and much more. Listen to the CD regularly.

"Loving What IS"  by Byron Katie
A great book about ways to really change our mind and inquire into our suffering.

"Busting Loose from the Money Game"  by Robert Sheinfeld
This book explians money and how we can change our relationship to it to create infinite abundance.

"You Are the Placebo. Making your mind matter" by Dr. Joe Dispenza
A book explaining the power of the mind and our ability to heal ourselves.
This book is not only a research project providing evidence of our ability to heal ourselves, it is a guide as well.