Homeopathic Approach  
The Eastern-Western Approach and Resonance School Homeopathy's Approach to Healing

To best understand the different approaches to healing it is useful to have different approaches to compare to. Both the Eastern (Herbal) and Western (Modern Western Medicine) approaches are allopathic. These approaches use medicine to change the physiology of the body by either a chemical reaction (drugs, herbs, etc.) or by surgery or radiation. The intent is to do battle with the disease and overcome it; killing cells, bacteria and virus' with the hopes of eliminating the disease. All to often the effect of the therapy causes side effects and an overall diminishment in general health. The drug usually masks the original problem and the side effects usually call for another drug to treat them; then the cycle continues.

Acupuncture being of the eastern approach is different in that it helps a person to release the blockages of energy that are creating disease and suffering. By the correct application of needles or pressure (Acupressure) to specific spots on the body associated with the meridians or energy channels, the Acupuncturist is able to help a person heal. The stimulation releases the energy blockage and allows the body energy to flow again. This creates the healing response. It is usually very safe and requires an experience practitioner to understand the body's energy and where the proper placement of the needles will have the best effect.

The Hahnemannian, Classical or Spiritual Homeopathic approach to healing is what is taught at Resonance School of Homeopathy. This approach was first discovered and shared by Dr Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician in the late 1700's. He found that the substances that had the greatest therapeutic effect were those that could cause the most similar symptoms if taken by a healthy person. Homeo means similar. Pathy means suffering. Similar Suffering. The basic principle in Homeopathy is to find a substance that has the ability to cause suffering in a healthy person and then use that substance energetically to help a person who is suffering in a similar fashion to heal.

The concept of Vital Force is necessary to understand the bodies ability to heal. The Vital Force is the spirit like energy that animates the being; mentally, emotionally, physically. It is through the vital force that consciousness and all of our senses as well as our thoughts and emotions can be experienced. Without a vital force the person is dead. It is only through the vital force that any dis-ease could ever be experienced and expressed through our being. This is true for all levels of our being.

Dis-ease can only affect us through our susceptibility. This happens first at the level of the Vital Force. When there is a disturbance in the vital force it will be experienced on one or more levels of our being. These disturbances are usually accompanied with some sort of suffering. When the suffering becomes too much we usually take a trip to the doctor. If the western or allopathic approach is taken the cause of the disease is never addressed. If the symptoms do indeed disappear then the vital forces ability to heal the cause never occured and the disease has now been effectively suppressed. It usually is only a matter of time before the Vital-Force can express itself again and the next round of symptoms appear. If the western allopathic approach continues then the Vital-Force's ability to express itself and heal becomes compromised and chronic disease is the result.

With the homeopathic approach a remedy can be given that is energetic; dynamically potentized and diluted without any molecules left of the original substance. This potentization process releases the spiritual essence of that substance. It is this spiritual, vibrational essence, when applied homeopathically that is recognized by the vital force. It is the response to this energy, which is the healing response, that will shift the expression of dis-ease and health is restored. This is the purest and only true form of healing. Then people heal themselves.

The job of the homeopath is to accurately perceive what is asking to be healed and to apply good homeopathic principles and the correct homeopathic remedy to inspire that healing response. This is what we teach at Resonance School of Homeopathy.

How to be the Homeopath.
How to know what is asking to be healed.
How to covert what the client says into the repertory.
Which remedy to select.
What is a healing response?
How to manage the case and best help a person to do their healing.
When should I change the potency? 
When should I change the remedy?
Is the remedy working?
What should be recommended next?
How to handle difficult cases.
What does a healing response look like?
How to handle ourselves as a Homeopath.

You will learn all of this through experience. You will learn by doing and participating in live cases and follow-ups. This cannot be learned from a book. Only first hand experience can offer this experience to the student. There is no better way to learn than through experience.

Please come join us and get the experience you need to be the best Homeopath you can be.