Becoming A Homeopath  
Becoming a Homeopath

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Resonance School of Homeopathy is offering year round training for those unique individuals who want to become Homeopaths, not Homeopathic Scholars. There are many schools available today that teach about homeopathy. Resonance School of Homeopathy is different. We are training student/practitioners to become qualified and experienced Homeopaths. All learning is hands-on. Real people, Real stories, Real life. ALL instruction of homeopathic principles, Organon of Medicine, homeopathic remedies, case taking and case management is through LIVE interaction from day one.

The job of the Homeopath is to be an unprejudiced observer. Resonance School of Homeopathy's student/practitioners are grounded in this principle from day one. Learning to be a Homeopath is a personal evolution. Homeopathy can be learned about from books, but when the scholar enters into the world of actually treating people, they need the HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE necessary to be a Homeopath. Resonance School of Homeopathy is providing this invaluable experience.

We meet one weekend per month during which the student/practitioner will see a minimum of 4-6 new LIVE cases and 16 LIVE follow-ups. This is real experience. The student/practitioners who have been studying for the last 4 years have seen and participated in approximately 250 new LIVE cases and approximately 768 LIVE follow-ups. Each new case comes back every 2 to 4 months for a follow-up.

The student/practitioner brings the new client to class gets real LIVE experience with the support of the main teacher, Robert Field, while the whole class benefits. All student/practitioners have close access to the teacher at all times between classes so they are building a clientele and confidence as the year goes by. The personal evolution of the student/practitioner is directly equivalent to their progressive development from observation and participation in case-taking and follow-ups. Understanding what needs to be healed in the client is the first and most important step in being a Homeopath. This cannot be learned from books, only experience will do. Our student/practitioners get it from day one. All philosophy, Materia Medica and case management is grounded as a result of observation, not a textbook description.

Student/Practitioners Invitation 

School classes are ongoing and new students may join at anytime. This provides the best opportunity for new students to learn from more experienced students and for the more experienced students to share their knowledge. This is a tight group that encourages each other to succeed. As a student practitioner of Homeopathy, it is your privilege to extend an invitation to whomever you feel comfortable working with, to have his or her case taken LIVE  in class. This low cost opportunity for people to get the best in Homeopathic treatment and the student practitioner the experience of case taking and case management is the very best approach to learning to be a Homeopath. All class clients are encouraged to come back for follow-ups and scheduled at the time of each visit. Initial case clients pay $35.00 and all subsequent follow-ups are $15.00

Please come join us.